• SoloSynergy

    "see into the past, heal the present, transform the future"

    3 Unique Education Programs

    For the past 6 years SoloSynergy has been an active addition to the programming in the

    Visual and Performing Arts theater departments at Booker Middle School and Booker High School

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    The Bridge

    Bridging the "Age Friendly" community of Sarasota with Carrie Mills and her VPA program at Booker Middle School

    We developed a powerful inter-generational education outreach program that gives 2 groups a needed larger voice in the world. Middle school children and adults aged 60+ often feel lonely and lost. The Bridge brings these groups together to share their stories, mentor each other and build positive outlooks and relationships. The program finishes with a final performance which for some is the most rewarding aspect of the workshop as they now relate to friends, family, and their community in a variety of monologues that remind that there are more commonalities than differences between the 2 generations.

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    O Solo Me O

    A solo theatre development workshop for Booker High School Juniors in the Visual and Performing Arts program

    Ann Morrison and Blake Walton bring their solo performance workshop to Sunny D Smith’s level III theatre students as a means to find self-expression in writing and performing a personal story. Taking many forms including fictional narrative, monologue, stand-up, cabaret, dance and movement, and performance art, the 20-24 students write autobiographical plays or a fictionalized aspect of themselves. All of the pieces are presented in a final performance with an audience.

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    The Solo Intensive

    An ongoing series of adult education workshops, master classes, and coaching for professional and non-professional writer/performers, lead by Ann Morrison and Blake Walton who offer outside consultation and direction as well.

    The Solo is an ongoing series of adult education workshops, master classes, and coaching for writer/performers, held twice yearly, attracting both local and national artists.

  •  Kaity Cairo, 2019

    Booker High School Junior

    Kaity Cairo was a participant in our 2019 high school solo development program "Flying Solo", now called "O Solo Me O." Kaity expanded her 10 minute play to 60 minutes and the next year performed in the virtual 2020 SaraSolo FallFest.


    Jackson Carney, 2023

    Booker High School Junior


    Federico Hradek, 2023

    Booker High School Junior

  • 2018 Our Pilot Year

    Middle School and Adult Participants in what is now called "The Bridge"