• SoloSynergy

    Our Educational Outreach Program

    A Little History

    In 2018 we applied for a grant through Gen2Gen, a prominent national organization with a goal of mobilizing 1 million adults 50+ to stand up for - and with - young people today. By bringing the generations together, Gen2Gen works to realize the potential of longer lives, the potential of every child, and the power of older and younger generations working side by side for change. https://generationtogeneration.org/about-us/

    Before our pilot program was launched we earned an unheard of placement as one of 24 semi-finalists from a group of

    110 applicants. As part of the multi-level application there was a public Nation-wide vote which placed SaraSolo in the top 10! We were not among the 5 very worthy recipient organizations who together were granted $100,000, but were able to launch SoloSynergy last fall with generous donations during the 2018 Giving Challenge last spring.


    "see into the past, heal the present, transform the future"

    We developed a powerful inter-generational education outreach program that gives 2 groups a needed, larger voice in the world. Middle school children and adults aged 60+ often feel lonely and lost. SoloSynergy brings these groups together to share their stories, mentor each other and build positive outlooks and relationships.

    Bridging Generations

    Beginning with the "Age Friendly" community of Sarasota and VPA programs in the middle and high schools

    Working with schools and other organizations in Sarasota our new pilot program brings together 20 middle school students with 20, 60+ adults over the course of 15 weeks. The generations are paired one-on-one and hone skills such as ‘active listening”, "creative interviewing,” storytelling, and writing. The program will culminate in profound performances from both generations in October.

  • SoloSynergy

    SaraSolo Productions is deeply honored to be named one of the 24 nationwide semifinalists out of 110, vying for the Gen2Gen "Encore Prize."

    The timing is ideal, just as we are developing our "SoloSynergy" education programming.

    SaraSolo Artistic Director Ann Morrison talks about our new inter-generational

    education outreach program which started in September.

    Ann Morrison speaks with SoloSynergy participants Shawn Cacciola and Toddy Jadoo