• 2019 SaraSolo Festival

    Sat. 1/26 & Sun. 1/27

    Sat. 2/2 & Sun. 2/3

    performances at 1, 3, 5, and 7 each day

    Historic Crocker Memorial Church

    Pioneer Park

    1260 12th Street, Sarasota, FL

    Tickets on sale now!

    Glenn Schudel

    Asides; or My Life With Will

    Sat 1/26 1 pm

    One man's journey across America and into the heart of another man's plays

    Larissa Marten

    I Killed the Cow

    Sat 1/26 3 pm

    When it feels like you’re being devoured alive, how do you make your body your own?

    Joseph Galata

    Papa, Come Dance With Me Again

    Sat 1/26 5pm

    Once upon a time, Grandpa Giggles was a happy-go-lucky entertainer on a popular Saturday morning children's TV show - and then came Alzheimer's.

    Synia Carroll

    Finding Sassy

    Sat 1/26 7pm

    Before the jazz scene got to know and love Synia, a sassy jazz chanteuse, Synia had to find “sassy”.

    Hendrik Morsman

    Hendrik's Magic Flute

    Sun 1/27 1pm

    Hendrik Morsman re-imagines Mozart's The Magic Flute as a one-man opera.

    *Great for the whole family*

    Maureen Muldoon

    Trans-Parent Love

    Sun 1/27 3pm

    A mid-west mom navigates the twist and turns that

    happen with her child's announcement that (s)he is pansexual and transgender.

    Matthew McGee

    Waltzing Matilda

    Sun 1/27 5pm

    Join Matthew McGee for his all-new show: an autobiographical country western honky tonk revue

    that is more Hee Haw than CMA

    Tyler Crose


    Sun 1/27 7pm

    Tyler, who is an actor with Down Syndrome invites you to enjoy, mostly improvised fun-time cooking, making art, music, laughter, and answering questions.

    Jeremy Ryan Mossman

    This is How I Feel, This is What I Think: Music & Lyrics by 

    John Bucchino

    Sat 2/2 1pm

    Mossman embodies a man who tells a personal story of love, loss, and life through the words and music of the brilliant John Bucchino.

    Kaylene McCaw


    Sat 2/2 3pm

    A lighthearted and deeply transforming tune-up for all of your invisible parts.

    Paula Broadwater

    You Are What You Think*

    Sat 2/2 5pm

    A Great American Songbook musical journey telling of the incredible power of both negative and positive thinking.

    *a 2017 SaraSolo Encore

    Chris Jackson

    Charles Lindbergh:

    A Life In Flight

    Sat 2/2 7pm

    Lindbergh drifts in his own mind from his anti-war America First Committee speeches to the kidnapping and to the famous flight that made him a true American hero.

    Dennis McSorley

    Typhoon of Tenderness

    Sun 2/3 1pm

    McSorley takes us through the experiences of a man with all the trappings for good outcomes into the slow and painful slide of addiction and all it's consequences.

    Richard Caldwell

    Making Love Great Again!

    Sun 2/3 3pm

    Caldwell weaves compelling stories and observations on life and love, creating a magical hue of music and emotion to touch us all.

    Kuniko Yamamoto

    Oh, Origami!

    Sun 2/3 5pm

    Kuniko unfolds her stories of survival while creating amazing flowers, animals and even a planet — all made from paper folding.

    *Great for all audiences*

    Ashley Strand

    Enough Of An Asshole

    To Say It Onstage

    Sun 2/3 7pm

    Showcasing his unique ability to tie the personal to the universal, 2018 SaraSolo Festival "Maestro Award" winner talks openly about what everyone is thinking,

    *Recommended for Adult audiences*

  • 2019 SaraSolo Festival

    Sat. 1/26 & Sun. 1/27

    Sat. 2/3 & Sun. 2/2

    performances at 1, 3, 5, and 7 each day

    Historic Crocker Memorial Church

    Pioneer Park

    1260 12th Street, Sarasota, FL

    Tickets on sale now!

    Additional programming will be announced soon including

    "SaraSolo Encore" and "SaraSolo Original" performances

    and our new "Flying Solo Weekend" performances (1/19 & 1/20)