• Giving Tuesday November 30

    SaraSolo recently received gifts that we are dedicating to our in-school educational outreach programming SOLOSYNERGY, now part of the fall curriculum at Booker Middle VPA and Booker High School VPA. This is 1/4 of the funding we need in order to continue to bring these programs free of charge to the schools.

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    You can help us on Giving Tuesday with any contribution to
    "Synergize the Prize!" by growing $3,000 to our needed $12,000

    Won't you join our distinguished list of generous donors?

    Cherie Willard, Bruce Lehman (in memory of David A. Coyle), Ed & Anne Scully

    Martin Spinelli (in memory of David A. Coyle), Dr. Phyllis Gerber, Norm Sloan 

    Rita Mazer, Karen Bronson, Patrick Dorywalski, Bruce Rodgers, Steve Diklich 

    Carol Wolf, Hazel Edlinger, Neil Cowen, Ellen Sichel, Carl Nudi, Ellen Kramer

    Kathie A. Moon, Michael Chambers, Bob Trisolini, Will Pearson, Steve Patmagrian, Sunny Smith, Amy Whitman, Sandra Moulin, Steve Dickman, Prentiss Herron, 

    John Shirley, Dennis McSorley, Ruth Conover


    We'll keep a running tally throughout the day:

    6:20pm $7,025

    more than 1/2 way there!

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