• Saturday 1/26

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    1pm - Asides; or My Life With Will

    Written and Performed by Glenn Schudel

    Directed by Ann Morrison

    "One man's journey across America and into the heart of another man's plays."

    Eleven professional actors. One beleaguered tour manager. Three vans. Twenty-six states. The world’s most famous dead playwright. What could go wrong? Glenn Schudel offers a backstage pass to the mechanics of theater-on-the-go and provides hot takes on some of our best beloved and strangest plays.

    3pm - I Killed the Cow

    Performed by Larissa Marten

    Created by Larissa Marten and Leia Squillace

    When it feels like you’re being devoured alive, how do you make your body your own? One woman charts the lawless pastures of sexuality in the show Twin Cities Arts Reader calls a “Must See”. “Heartfelt & thought-provoking” - One Girl-Two Cities. “This show reminds us how good solo performance can be.”


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    5pm - Papa, Come Dance With Me Again!

    Written and Performed by Joseph Galata

    Once upon a time, Grandpa Giggles was a happy-go-lucky entertainer on a popular Saturday morning children's TV show - and then came Alzheimer's. PAPA, COME DANCE WITH ME AGAIN! is a theatrical- storytelling production with music and dance.


    Joseph Galata won the 2017 SaraSolo Festival "Rasa Award"

    7pm - Finding Sassy

    Created and Performed by Synia Carroll

    with Billy Marcus at the piano

    Before the jazz scene got to know and love Synia, a sassy jazz chanteuse, Synia had to find “sassy”. This enchanting personal story is one of discovery though the love of music long before the jazz. “At some point we have to trust, take leap off the cliff of fear, trepidation, and excuses to find our wings!"


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  • Sunday 1/27

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    1pm - Hendrik's Magic Flute

    Created and Performed by Hendrik Morsman

    based on Mozart

    Hendrik Morsman re-imagines Mozart's The Magic Flute as a one-man opera. He tells the story and plays the arias in different ways: playing flute and alto saxophone, using mime, song, and puppets.

    *Great for all audiences!*

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    3pm - Trans-Parent Love

    Written and Performed by Maureen Muldoon

    Directed by Megan Wells

    A riveting rambling of musings, song and performance poetry delivered by a mid-west mom, navigating the twist and turns that happen with her child's announcement that (s)he is pansexual and transgender. This show takes us to the brink of love and then pushes us forward. It bristles with intellect, embraces the unknown, finds electric joy in humor and trusts the future. It’s also like a fist sheathed in velvet pounding on iron demanding action.

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    5pm - Waltzing Matilda

    Created and Performed by Matthew McGee

    with Michael Raabe at the piano

    Join Matthew McGee for his all-new show: a country western cabaret lovingly titled Waltzing Matilda. This autobiographical honky tonk revue is more Hee Haw than CMA as Matthew takes a melodious trip down memory lane featuring songs by some of country music’s biggest stars. Get ready for lots of laughs, big hair and fringe as “Miz McGee” two-steps her way into your heart.

    7pm - Tyler's Time Out

    Performed by Tyler Crose

    with Co-Host Brianna Larson

    Written by Ryan Bernier and Tyler Crose

    Tyler, who is an actor with Down Syndrome invites you to enjoy, mostly improvised fun-time cooking, making art, music, laughter, and answering questions.

    "Canny, candid and a showman all the way, a red-headed powerhouse with an irrepressible joie de vivre."

    "One big ol' Tyler-rific good time."

    Creative Loafing Recommended at Tampa International Fringe

  • Saturday 2/2

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    1 pm - This is How I Feel, This is What I Think: Music & Lyrics by John Bucchino

    Created and Performed by Jeremy Ryan Mossman

    with Kerry Hart Beineman at the piano.

    In this gorgeous sung-through song cycle, Mossman embodies a man who tells a personal story of love, loss, and life through the words and music of the brilliant John Bucchino. In a unique cabaret-as-theatre setting, Mossman inhabits Bucchino’s luscious melodies and poignant lyrics, interpreting in a way that feels as if they were written for him.

    See Jeremy in rehearsal:


    3pm - Suntelia

    Created and Performed by Kaylene McCaw

    Kaylene McCaw returns to the SaraSolo stage to finish the work she began in Guidance On Demand. This session with Universal Tech Support addresses known issues with the Human Experience, including Shame, Powerlessness, and the Fear of Death. A lighthearted and deeply transforming tune-up for all of your invisible parts.

    2016 SaraSolo Living Voice Award

    2017 John Ringling Towers Individual Artist Award for outstanding literary artist for her solo play, "Guidance On Demand"

    5pm - You Are What You Think

    Created and Performed by Paula Broadwater

    with Tom Sivak at the piano

    Encore Performance

    A Great American Songbook musical journey with stories telling of the incredible power of both positive and negative thinking. Tampa Bay Area cabaret performer Paula Broadwater teams up with notable accompanist, Tom Sivak to bring her encore performance in the January 2017 SaraSolo Festival back to this beloved festival stage.

    Winner of the 2017 SaraSolo Julie Wilson Cabaret Award.

    See Paula:


    7pm - Charles Lindbergh: A Life In Flight

    Performed by Chris Jackson

    Written and Directed by James Rayfield

    What is a hero? This one-man show presents Lindbergh as he drifts in his own mind from his anti-war America First Committee speeches to the kidnapping and to the famous flight that made him a true American hero.

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  • Sun 2/3

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    1pm - Typhoon of Tenderness

    Written and Performed by Dennis McSorley

    Music by Steve Goldberg

    McSorley, a master storyteller and monologist, with an easy style and a pungent Queens accent, takes us through the experiences of a man with all the trappings for good outcomes into the slow and painful slide of addiction and all it's consequences. Told in a linear sequence - with influential multiple characters, humor and deep truth, the story bears witness to the joys, eventual pain, and finally, the possibility of redemption.

    2016 Prague Fringe Performance Award (Nom.)

    Excerpt from Typhoon of Tenderness:


    And other Monologues:



    3pm - Making Love Great Again!

    Created and Performed by Richard Caldwell

    Originally from Montreal and having performed on stage, film and TV, Caldwell weaves compelling stories, observations on life and love, creating a magical hue of music and emotion to touch us all. Singing in French and English, he combines the music of Brel, Piaf, Aznavour, Lloyd-Webber and many more to transport each audience member to a special place of the heart!

    "You might want to make love after seeing this show!!!"

    5pm - Oh, Origami!

    Created and Performed by Kuniko Yamamoto

    When a little Japanese girl, Kuniko, heard that your wish would come true if you fold 1,000 origami cranes, she wished for her dead uncle's life back. He didn't come back despite her folding all the origami cranes. But, origami inspired her deeply and magically saved her life in America. Kuniko unfolds her stories of survival while creating amazing flowers, animals and even a planet — all made from paper folding.

    *Great For All Audiences*

    7pm - Enough Of An Asshole To Say It Onstage

    Written and Performed by Ashley Strand

    World Premiere

    Ashley Strand has a Cassandra-like need to tell people "shit they don't want to hear." Showcasing his unique ability to tie the personal to the universal, last year's SaraSolo Festival "Maestro Award" winner talks openly about what everyone is thinking, but only he is enough of an asshole to say on stage.

    *Recommended for adult audiences*

    Ashley stand-up: